Luna Oils - Jasmine

Luna Oils - Jasmine


The oil of support, Jasmine Essential Oil helps you to find your own inner support and strength, the ultimate mood booster you will ever need.

  • Apply to the abdomen to manage the symptoms of PMS.
  • Combine one drop with conditioner in the palm of hand, then apply to hair and scalp for added nourishing and moisturizing benefits.
  • Dab one to two drops on fine lines and wrinkles and décolletage before applying facial moisturizer.
  • Apply to pulse points to soothe nervous tension and uplift mood.
  • Place a dab of jasmine absolute in the hands, rub together, rub over the nose and mouth and inhale deeply. Massage over the heart center for hope.
  • Massage 1 drop of jasmine absolute over the heart center as desired for love.

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