Luna Oils - Lemongrass

Luna Oils - Lemongrass


Besides being a staple in Thai cooking (Tom Yum!), lemongrass essential oil is used as aromatherapy to relieve muscle pain, relief stress and anxierty externally to kill bacteria, ward off insects like mosquitoes and reduce body aches. 

  • Make a refreshing foot bathAdd two drops to a bowl of warm water, and soak your feet for 10 minutes.
  •  Use it as a massage oil and mix it with sweet almond or jojoba oil 
  •  Kill your dog's fleas and lice by spraying diluted lemongrass oil all over his coat. You can also soak his collar in it, add it to his final rinse after shampooing, or spray it on his bedding.13 Do not use lemongrass oil on your cat.
  •  Blend it into your favorite bath products or add it to your bath water.

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