ZARA's Recycled Earth-Friendly Boxes

ZARA has just launched their e-commerce platform in Singapore and Malaysia. While my heart skipped a bit and wallet cried a bit, I was also glad to know that 56% of their online orders delivered in environmental friendly boxes.

ZARA's "Boxes With A Past" use cardboard that carries the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification, the international PEFC standard or an equivalent standard that promotes sustainable practices in forests around the world. Here's how it works according to ZARA.

1. The cardboard boxes that arrived in stores are used up to 5 times before being recycled.

2. The boxes pass through their suppliers, distribution centres and central warehouses before arriving at their stores.

3. Once there, they are reused while they are still in good condition for transporting clothes and store materials.

4. When they can no longer be reused, ZARA will recycle them and transform them into new cardboard.

5. With this recycled cardboard ZARA will begin to produce new boxes that they use to send the online orders.

ZARA even collaborated with a few people to customize and DIY the boxes with a past into artistic projects. Check out them out here.

(All images taken from ZARA)

Work by Mer Mag

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