First Time In Yosemite National Park

I remember seeing Yosemite as the wallpaper in one of the MacBook updates and being completely awed by the granite walls and stunning cliffs. In my recent trip to the West Coast of United States I made sure that a day trip to the National Park is in the itinerary. The trip was pre-booked on Viatours which led us to a local tour company with a chatty and knowledgeable driver/guide named Chris. The entire trip took about 14 hours (6am morning pick-up in San Francisco city center, 4-ish hour drive to Yosemite, sightseeing in the Valley for about 3-4 hours, another 4-ish hour drive back to town) but it was really worth it.

The trip happened in early October, one of the final weeks before the park closes for winter and it was very very cold. We did not expect the weather to be that cold, it even snowed! But the snow added on to the dramatic scenery of Yosemite.

The park is filled with this special sequoias trees which are native to Yosemite. The trees have been in the park for so long (centuries) that most of them are adaptable to Californian forest fires. Part of the trip allowed us to make a short hike down a valley to see a giant sequoias tree. This hike can be quite strenuous for people who don't usually exercise, on the way back we saw a guy who fainted...

If the weather is great (clear blue skies) you will get a really nice shot of the famous tunnel view. It is a MUST to take a photograph here.

Squirrels everywhere in the Yosemite Valley! They are so adorable.

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