3 reasons you should not eat eggs

Eggs. One of the foods that separate vegans from vegetarians. On the bright side they are easier to avoid than dairy products (milk, cheese, yogurt etc). If you love your eggs and count it as a protein perhaps you can stop reading from here onwards. Here are 3 reasons why eggs are bad:

1. They are high in cholesterol. You get your non-meat protein but each egg gives you 187mg of cholesterol, which is the same as 100 grams of butter. You don't need another reminder on how increased blood cholesterol levels can raise the risk of heart disease... Eggs also contain 1.6 grams of saturated fats.

2. A normal chicken laying eggs naturally takes a while, and it happens naturally. However to meet the demands of the human race, chickens are caged up and put in torturous conditions to be forced to lay as many eggs as possible. For each egg you eat think about how it existed because a farmer somewhere manipulated the chicken's laying cycle to get it out.

3. Egg production kill as many chickens or chicks as a regular poultry butcher. Male chicks especially are more vulnerable to mass killings. It is more profitable to get rid of male chicks by the millions because the money spent raising them wouldn’t be worth the money earned in profits. They are a liability. Female chicks: you get the fleshy meat AND the eggs = profitable to top guys in suits aka investors or whoever.

Since cutting eggs at home I've turned to tofu and turns out you can still eat many classic "egg" dishes with tofu! Like this Tofu Scramble recipe. Next time you want to cook or eat eggs, think about you don't really need it and pick something healthier!



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