Avocado & Mango Toast

November 21, 2017


If you think avocado toast is boring, try adding slices of mango and onion, one of my favourite combinations ever. This might require a bit of luck, the avocado must be ripe at a certain level and the knife skills must be on point to get a nicely thinly spread of equal avocado and mango. One of the best ways to enjoy a toast!



- Half a mango

- Half an avocado

- 1 slice of bread

- 1 layer of onion

- Lime to squeeze

- Pepper and chilli flakes

- Parsley to garnish

- Optional: olive oil 



1. Gently toast the slice of bread

2. Carefully slice the mango and avocado to 2-3mm width 

3. Place it around the bread surface with a center "swirling point"

4. Place thinly sliced onions on top

5. Garnish with a pinch of pepper and chilli flakes

6. Finish off with a squeeze of lime and parsley 






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