Vegan Matcha Pancakes

Nothing looks more Christmas-y than this stack of Vegan Matcha Pancakes. Think making it for your loved ones early Christmas morning! On my recent trip to Japan I grabbed a bag of matcha as my oooooone last purchase before I board the plane at the airport. I love green tea and Matcha and making a stack of pancakes using it is a no-brainer. The batter is super simple to make and the whole process takes less than half an hour. Definitely gets you into the holiday mood.


- 1 cup flour

- 1 cup almond milk

- 1/4 tablespoon baking soda

- 3 tablespoons of honey

- 1 tablespoon of matcha

- 5 strawberries


1. Sift the flour, matcha powder and baking soda until no clumps can be found

2. Using a spatula, mix all dry and wet ingredients and make sure it's smooth

3. On a non-stick pan, scoop 1/2 cup of the batter and pour on the centre on the pan

4. Wait for about 10 seconds and flip it to the other side, repeat until batter is finished

5. Decorate the pancakes with strawberries and drizzle honey (optional) if you prefer your pancakes sweet

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