Passionfruit Dragonfruit Nana Ice-cream

Right now must be the season for passionfruit because I'm seeing it everywhere! I love passionfruit because it's simply so fragrant, every tiny bit of the seeds can add so much flavour and it's a great source of dietary fiber and nutrients. This Nana Ice-cream uses red dragon fruit which is also high in antioxidant and really rich in colours!


- 1 banana

- 1 red dragon fruit

- 100g blueberries

- For garnishing - passionfruit, pomegranate, mango, blueberries


1. Chop the banana and red dragon fruit into pieces 2. Freeze the banana, red dragon fruit and blueberries until they are solid

3. Blend all frozen fruits in high speed until smooth

4. Finish off with fruits on top

#detox #vegan #raw #smoothiebowl


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