Raw Vegan Piña Colada Tarts

May 9, 2017




It only makes sense to create desserts with tropical natural ingredients if you're living in a tropical country. Growing up in Singapore I have been a huge fan of the pineapple fruit, I count it as on of my to-go fruits to cool down on a hot day and also to be put into desserts or cocktails. It is a healthy fruit rich in vitamins and minerals and comes with anti-Inflammatory benefits.


This (non-alcoholic) Raw Vegan Piña Colada Tarts reminds me of a Bali holiday where you sip this cocktail by the beach, but of course this is way healthier than that! I also discover a way to make perfectly raw tarts without a proper mould - paper cups! 


Ingredients (makes 5 tarts):

- For the base - 10 pitted medjool dates, 200 grams of almonds

- For the filling - 3 table spoons of white chia seeds, 3 table spoons of coconut milk

- Fresh pineapple chunks



1.  Soak the chia seeds with coconut milk for  about 3 hours in the fridge until the seeds are plumped

2. Blend the dates and almonds on high speed until mixture is smooth and fine

3. Press the mixture onto the base of 5 paper cups

4. Pour a equal amount of coconut milk chia seeds in each cup on top of the base

5. Put in the pineapple chunks into the chia seed mixture

6. Leave them in the freezer overnight




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