Arch Anuvittasana or Standing Backbend

How far back can you bend? That's the first question in most yogi's mind when it comes to Arch Anuvittasana or Standing Backbend. I find this move extremely therapeutic especially when I have been sitting at my desk for too long. It helps to reverse the damage caused by hunching forward to type on a computer.

This is one of the best beginners pose which almost every body and any body can achieve. Although the through yogi will be able to bend really, really backwards and holding on for a longer time to get the maximum stretch.

How to do this post:

- Inhale and begin with Tadasana (mountain post)

- Stand tall with heels slightly apart, arms stretched towards the sky, palms clasped

- Exhale and lean backwards with the upper body

- Hold on with a few breaths

- Feel the difference in your arms, torso and thighs after the pose



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