Butternut Avocado Tofu salad

Avocado is a great fruit with many health benefits but to make a salad with it can be quite tricky as its taste doesn't go well with quite a number of ingredients. The most common vegan avocado dishes are probably guacamole or as a spread on toast. My personal favourite combination is definitely avocado with tofu. For this salad I added butternut squash slices, the texture and the taste of the three ingredients just go really well together (surprisingly) and it is also super nutritious!


- 1 whole avocado

- 200grams of tofu

- 150 grams of butternut

- 10 pieces of almond, chopped

- 2 tablespoons of sesame sauce

- A pinch of salt

- Coconut oil


1. Slice the avocado, tofu and butternut into thin pieces of about the same proportion

2. For the butternut, steam gently in a microwave at about 2 minutes with light salt and coconut oil

3. Once done arrange and place the 3 key ingredients side by side on a plate

4. Spread chopped almond around and drizzle sesame sauce



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