Best of Bergen - Norwegian Fjords

We all get it that Norway is insanely beautiful in the summer, a venture into the famous Fjords is a must-do whenever a trip to Norway is made. Fjords are long, narrow inlet with steep sides or cliffs, created by glacial erosion and there are around a thousand of them in Norway.

In my last trip there, I took a train ride from Oslo to Bergen which is westwards across the country as many people mentioned about the scenic views outside the train window. It takes roughly half a day compared to a short plane ride but the views are priceless (tip: sit on the left side of the train, book early!).

Once arriving in Bergen the first thing I did was searching up on the nearest Fjords to explore. One of the commercial cruise ships (which costs around S$30 for one person) went all the way out to the north sea passed the Nordhordland Bridge into the Fjords. The pristine natural beauty of the Fjords and mountains just took my breath away. It was simply stunning. Not to mention basking in fresh mountain air on a cloudless bright day the experience was definitely once in a lifetime for an adventure junkie.

(All photos by me)



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