Blueberry Vegan Cheesecake

Almost every vegan would know a thing or two about Vegan Cheesecakes - sounds odd but it's basically a no-bake cake with zero dairy in it that looks like your typical cheesecake. Taste-wise of course it's nothing like the regular cheesecake you will encounter. One thing you should know about is the high fat content in such cakes, although it's good fats, eating too much at one go can cause some serious digestive problems... I would suggest making a batch a eat it over a few days and sharing it with your friends who are not skeptical about vegan food.



- 8 pitted dates

- 1 table spoon peanut butter

- 1 table spoon coconut oil

- 100 grams cashew nuts

- A pinch of salt


- 300 grams cashew nuts

- 100 ml Ayam Brand Trim Coconut Milk

- 1/2 table spoon lemon concentrate

- 100 grams Blueberries

- 1 table spoon coconut oil

- 2 table spoons honey


- 25 grams Blueberries

- 25 grams Blackberries


1. Soak the cashew nuts for the cake (not base) overnight in water, if you're in a hurry, just boil the cashew nuts on a stove until they are soft

2. For the base, blend every thing together on medium speed in a blender until mixture is well mixed

3. With a spatula lay it at the bottom of the cake tray evenly

4. For the cake, blend the soft cashew nuts and all the ingredients together on high until mixture is very smooth with minimal lumps

5. Pour the mixture on top of the base and use the spatula to spread evenly

6. Press the garnishing berries on top of the cake

7. Put in the fridge to set for about 3 hours

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