Best Beach in Boracay

If you're based in Southeast Asia you've probably heard a lot about Boracay, a holiday island in Philippines. The hot vacation destination is known for its white (I mean really, really white) sand beaches and clear blue water. It is also known for being notoriously difficult to reach - multiple transfers and long rides on the bus. But, like I've always shared with friends who are going, it is totally worth it.

Although it's becoming more and more of a tourist trap in recent years, there are places that you must go regardless of how much the locals are trying to rip off you (e.g boat rides).

One of the beaches that looks like paradise is Puka Beach at the northern tip of the island (first panoramic photo). The beach is relatively untouched, few resorts are being built around the area or any souvenir store in sight. The water is ridiculously clear and blue to the extend that it looks fake! But it's not, and against the blue skies on a good day this is the perfect place to take your instagram selfies. It's got my vote for being the Best Beach in this Island.

The boat ride can get a little choppy but most of them allows you to snorkel while on board. The seafloor beneath is not very deep, which makes it really easy to navigate for beginners who are scared of open waters. You can even see through the water to check what's beneath, yes it's that clear.

And yes, the main beach, which is simply called White Beach, is the key attraction, don't confine yourself to it because it's convenient. There are many other beaches worth exploring especially Puka Beach which is just a boat ride away.

Boracay definitely hands down has one of the best island environment in Southeast Asia, but with the amount of tourist traps mounting, my only hope is that it will remain as pristine as it can be in the years to come. I will definitely go back again!



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