Coconut Oil as make-up remover

Some times the best beauty secrets are discovered by accident. I am a frequent eye-liner wearer and to make it stay through the day, I always choose the brands that have the longest lasting liners. The bad part? It's a pain in the ass to remove.

I've gone through many different brands of eye make-up remover and the rubbing of the eyes only makes you age faster. The solution? Organic Coconut Oil!

In one occasion, when I ran out of make-up remover and I was stuck at home with one of those ultra heavy make-up days, I decided to try and spritz some coconut oil on my cotton pad to remove the make-up and viola! It cleans up the liner instantly and effortlessly. From that incident on wards I have been a strict user of coconut oil (organic preferred) as the to-go make-up remover.

#makeup #beauty #skincare


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