Easy Ways To Stop Having Neck Pain At Work

If you are in a desk-bound job, have you ever experience neck pain? The answer is probably yes. Especially when you are too absorbed in completing a particular task you forgot to move your body for even an inch. The whole time slumping over the computer can take a toll on the back, but there are actually really simple steps that you can try to soothe the pain.

1) Neck stretch

This is a great move that won't make you look crazy in the office. I used to have a colleague who will schedule "neck stretch" times on the calendar to make sure she does it religiously. Simply tilt your head to the left or right and use the opposite hand to hold the side of head for a deeper stretch. Take deep breathes and stay in the pose for a few counts.

2) Raise your computer monitor

Even if your monitor comes with a built in stand, remember the stand doesn't come knowing your height. If you are slouching too much to look at the monitor it's a sign to raise it up to a level you will sit up straight and work comfortably. I use stacks of magazines to raise my monitor up as it looks great (I think...) and I can adjust the height easily. Plus I get to recycle old magazines!



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