Eatsa Cybersalad

February 15, 2017



Everyone knows that San Francisco is a tech hub, but to fully emphasise that further even the regular salad joint in the Central Business District is also extremely unsurprisingly tech-y to the core. In my last trip to the West Coast, I chanced upon Eatsa, a salad start-up with 4 outlets across the states that has been creating a lot of buzz for its futuristic operations. It's a 100% automated process that makes you wonder if this is the future of fast food restaurants.


Step 1 Order from your app or the iPad at the outlet. Like any DIY salad bar there is a wide range of items for you to choose from.


Step 2 Collect your ready made salad in a "locker" when it's ready, just look out for your name.


Eatsa is so human-less that it makes you wonder who actually made the salad behind the scenes literally. But I liked my salad creation! Especially the chickpeas. That's all it matters right?







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