For Haze's Sake! Focus Is On Forests In This Year's Earth Hour

Earth Hour was first celebrated in Singapore in 2009. Now in its 8th year, it's catching on climate change and issues to close our hearts like the perennial haze problem.

a micrositesign a petition Following on the heels of the severe haze crisis that made headlines globally last year, WWF-Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia have teamed up to shine a light on protecting forests and peatlands in Indonesia. They are working together by setting up to call for greater implementation of the Peatland Moratorium in Indonesia. As of today 3,203 people have signed, with the goal set at 5,000. that will provide individuals with multiple actions they can take and also encouraging people to

If all these online efforts are not enough, you can always go back to the basics by switching off the light for one hour this coming Saturday 25th March from 8:30PM to 9:30PM, whoever you are. In case you are afraid that you will miss it, hit the "going" button on the Facebook event page and receive a reminder.

Photo by Lee Aik Soon

#sustainability #nature


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