3 Ways To Last Through A Plank

April 1, 2017


I've been doing a lot of planks lately and noticed a few things that helped me get through the planks a lot more easier. While getting the posture right is important (the back must always be flat straight), I realised that most of the effort to get through a perfect plank comes from mental willpower. Here are the three things that helped me last through a plank for longer than a minute:


1. Putting the tower below the elbows

This prevents the elbow from slipping away and stabilises the arm support. Moreover it's also more comfortable when there's a towel there to hold the position together. Always remove shoes for planks as the bare foot has a tighter grip to the ground.


2. DO NOT look at the stopwatch


Staring at the stopwatch and seeing the time passing by really slowly is very demoralising. Most of the time I just put an alarm to alert the end of a minute instead of watching over the time


3. Distract the mind


When planking the only thought that usually goes through the head is .... planking. Whenever I think about something else, especially complicated stuff like math calculation on taxes, my mind drifts off easily and the next thing I know the minute is up. 


What do you do to get through a plank?




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