5 Instagram Worthy Nature Hotspots in Hong Kong

1. Cape D'Aguilar

Who says Hong Kong is all about giant buildings and busy traffic? Looking straight out of a National Geographic-style photo, Cape D'Aguilar is a photo-friendly destination worth making a journey to Shek O for. Stand at shallow waters where you can take a good shot through the jagged rocks for an Instagram-worthy photo.

2. Ha Pak Nai

One great place to catch the sunset is the Ha Pak Nai beach at the west side of New Territories, facing Shenzhen China. On a good day with clear air and blue skies you can see the buildings across the sea. Watch out for the mudskippers and fiddle crabs on the wet sand.

3. Repulse Bay

Considered one of the most scenic beaches in Hong Kong, Repulse Bay is located where all the luxury houses are scattered. A popular summer hot spot that locals and tourists visit often, it has a gorgeous view of the various islands surrounding the bay area. The waters are usually calm (well this is no Bali...) and really shallow but the beach is still dotted with iconic lifeguard towers that keep the place safe for swimmers and visitors.

4. Forbes Street Wall Trees

Located in Kennedy Town, not too far from central area, the famed stone wall trees along Forbes Street is an iconic nature wonder. Originally built to prevent Hong Kong's frequent landslides, the wall is now drenched in tree roots. There is no better photo back drop than this wall.

5. Swimming Shed at Sai Wan

Swimming sheds are jetties that sticks out into open waters for people to place their belongings while they go for a swim or dips. Such activities are rare now, but jetties like these are a great place to take #sunsetporn photos. This swimming shed in Sai Wan faces the green island and many other islands from a far and on a good day, you can catch a really nice sunset!



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