Kopi Chia Seed Pudding

Kopi, a type of Singaporean coffee, is widely popular in the city. It is a traditional style coffee from way back that is brewed differently from your average hipster coffee and has a taste that is super distinctive and unique to Singapore. The beans are wok-roasted with sugar, margarine and sometimes pineapple skin and maize, to a dark black brown colour, then ground and brewed with a sock-like cotton strainer in watering can-sized pots.

I am a regular kopi-o (black coffee) drinker and this dessert experiment is combination of tradition and modern foods coming together! Kopi Chia Seeding Pudding is vegan friendly and super great as a breakfast meal. It contains strong caffeine that instantly wakes you up and plump chia seeds that can fill your stomach for a long time. Make this the night before you go to bed and wake up to a delicious treat once you wake up!


- 2 packets of Kopi Kosong bags (mine is from Gold Kili)

- 4 tablespoons of unsweetened soymilk

- 2 tablespoons of honey

- 2/3 cup of white chia seeds

- 1/3 cup hot boiling water


1. With the hot boiling water, soak the two bags of kopi

2. After 5 minutes, take out the bags and pour in the chia seeds and soy milk

3. Stir the mixture until it's even and add in honey

4. Let it sit overnight in the fridge

5. The pudding should be ready the next morning. Optional: enjoy it with frothed soy milk on top



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