Sleep Better With Late Night Workouts

Are you the kind who works out late at night?

I've spoken to a couple of people who swears by running at night to sleep better. They made themselves really tired, sore muscles and all and go straight to sleep after shower. We are agree that it's the best time to exercise! The common perception is that working out before you sleep will make you become more awake, but in fact it can make you sleep better if you manage to squeeze in exercise around 2-3 hours before bedtime (more facts can be found here). Come to think of it this is manageable if you: knock off work by 7, finish dinner by 8, workout at 10 and hit the bed by 12.

I used to wake up early in the morning to the gym and find myself extremely tired and hungry the entire morning. It affected my mood and my work performance till lunch time comes around. Plus I would really like to have that extra 1 hour of sleep in the morning.

Other reasons why I prefer working out late at night:

- It is slightly colder at night, no sun means low temperature, no UV too!

- There are lesser people around. 10PM is when people catches their primetime TV show

- Lesser people means more peace and I can really focus on the work out and enjoy a good dose of me time

- I feel like my strength is at the most optimal at night time, I get to my workout peak faster and could go on longer

- I can still have a social life or proper dinner with late night workouts!



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