Mango and Avocado on Tofu (Not Toast!)

I try to avoid bread as much as I can for various health reasons but open-top toasts are one of my favourite quick bites. Just recently I have been replacing toast with organic pressed tofu (I even made Tofu Pockets) as it makes a great bread substitute. Tofu is more filling and helps to replenish protein especially for people on vegan diets.

I made Mango and Avocado on Tofu as a post gym refuel snack, and it only took a short 15 minutes! Such an easy and healthy vegan recipe.


- 1/2 avocado

- 1/2 mango

- 1 small purple onion

- Pressed tofu (tau kwa)

- Oil, salt, pepper


1. Slice the block of tofu into half to make it around 1cm


2. Drizzle pan with oil and pan fry the tofu on medium heat for about 3 minutes

3. Slice the mango, avocado and purple onion, spread out evenly on the tofu

#tofu #vegan


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