Mashed Carrots and Pumpkin bowl

This is probably one of my favourite "clean-eating" home cooked food. It's basically steamed veggies but mashed into a gooey state. A great carb replacement for any meal and also very child-friendly! I made this to eat when I am sick and it's one of the most comforting dishes ever - healthy, filling and nutritious.


- 2 sticks of purple carrots

- 2 sticks of normal carrots

- a quarter of a pumpkin (about 1 cup of flesh)

- Green peas for garnishing


1. Chop all vegetables into chunks

2. In two pots, boil water until it's bubbling

3. Put the pumpkin and normal carrots into one pot and purple carrots in the other, boil for about 15 minutes until they're really soft

4. Take them out and mash them up

5. Garnish with a few green peas!

#detox #vegan


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