Pomelo Salad

Pomelo is a great ingredient in healthy dishes for weightloss. It is plump, full of juice and fiber and high in vitamin c. Amongst all the benefits it is also highly popular during Chinese New Year as it is consider a sign of prosperity and good fortune! 

After Chinese New Year is over recently, I cut opened a really riped and juicy pomelo to make a vegan salad. It definitely take a long time to take out all the flesh. First you must break open the super thick shell (which by the way, can be cooked as a stir fry and be eaten) and then slowly tear away the thin layer of skin. There are seeds that needs to be taken out too. It can easily take half hour! 

For pomelo salad, it is highly popular in Thai cuisine, you can definitely spot it in their menu. For this version, it simply requires only a few ingredients for a cooling and refreshing taste.


- 1 full pomelo, all the flesh taken out

- 5-7 pieces of mint leaves

- A handful of pistachios, crushed

- Cranberries 

- Raw carrot, sliced 

- Purple onion, sliced

- Cashew nuts

- Sauce - I use a spiced mango sauce


1. Pour all the pomelo flesh into a big

2. Top it with dry ingredients - nuts and veggies

3. Drizzle the sauce to finish

#detox #vegan


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