Purple Sweet Potato "Noodles"

Remember how a few posts ago I mentioned that if I am eating carbs, I want to to make sure that it's a good carb. Purple sweet potatoes are one of the healthier options when it comes to eating plant-based carbs, as they have additional benefits that the usual sweet potatoes don't have like anthocyanins, which may have anti-inflammatory properties. The red-er and purple-r the fruit or vegetable is, the higher the amount of antioxidant they contain. Purple sweet potatoes are also high in vitamin A.

This Purple Sweet Potato "Noodles" dish could be prepared like a rosti, but this stir fry style works too and the portion can serve 2 people.


- One large Purple Sweet potato (about 400grams)

- 8 to 10 pieces of green peas

- A small chunk of butternut squash or pumpkin (about 100grams)

- 8 to 10 pieces of shiitake mushrooms

- 1/2 teaspoon oregano seasoning

- A pinch of salt and pepper

- 2 tablespoons of coconut oil

- Chopped almonds and pistachios for garnishing


1. Shave the skin of the purple sweet potato, use a big knife and cut it vertically to quarters.

2. Use a grater to slice up the purple sweet potato to noodle-like thin strands

3. Vegetables - cut the butternut squash and mushroom into smaller pieces. Prepare the green peas by pulling from the stem end to remove the string that runs along the seam.

4. For the vegetables, recommend to cook them lightly first as the purple sweet potato gets cooked really fast once they are in thin strands. Steam the vegetables or cook them in a pot of boiling water

5. On a non-stick pan in medium heat, drizzle coconut oil, put in everything from purple sweet potato, butternut squash, green peas and shiitake mushrooms

6. Add in oregano seasoning, salt and pepper

7. Keep stirring for about 2 minutes until the purple sweet potato "noodles" are softened and comes out in even darker purple colour



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