Raw Chia Fig Bars

These energy bars are packed with all the right fuel you need for a pick-me-up. I usually snack on this when I feel slightly hungry in between meals or before I head to the gym. They are raw, vegan, sugar free and very very easy to make! Definitely my favourite guilt-free snack to make at home.

Ingredients (makes roughly 5 bars)

- 100grams almond

- 100grams cashew nuts

- 10 medjool dates

- 3 tablespoons of chiaseeds

- 6 tablespoons of coconut milk

- 1 fig

- Lavender buds for garnishing


1. Blend almond, cashew nuts and dates together until mixture is even

2. Spread it on a rectangular pan evenly, this will be the base

3. In a bowl, mix chia seeds with the coconut milk and soak them until they are plump

4. Layer the coconut chia seed mixture on top of the base

5. Cute thin slices of figs and press onto the coconut chia seed mixture

6. Put them in the freezer until the bars are rock solid

#vegan #raw


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