Singapore Quarry - How To Get There And The Shortcuts

One of the most underrated nature trails in Singapore must be the Quarry in the west side of the island. It's so picturesque that from some angles it looks like it belongs to famous national parks in other countries with its granite walls reflecting over the waters. I am normally not a hiking person but decided to make a trek to the quarry on a scotching afternoon. Here are three things that I've discovered along the way:

1. The hike is not tiring at all, it is probably only less than 2km from the starting point (near Salvation Army, easily reachable from Hillview MRT) to the viewing deck. Barely any uphill climb and most of the path is shaded. You can see the map from National Parks Board here.

2. There is a short cut! You can cut almost half of the distance of walking in the woods by getting in from the nearby Fu Yong Estate. Just go all the way to the south end of Jalan Asas and you will see a playground and a "gateway" to the trekking path.

3. Highly likely going to bump into animals like large lizards and monkeys along the way. I saw both a few times but they were harmless so just leave them to do their thing. It's not a zoo!

Overall a really great hike experience for people who are not looking to exercise but for instagram-worthy local nature.

(First quarry picture by Mike Enario via Unsplash)

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