Summer Fruit Bars

Cool summer treat worth making and stocking up in the freezer. These 100% raw and icy Summer Fruit Bars are made of fresh fruits only and the colours are super vibrant, I just love how they brighten up my mornings! I usually grab one of these bars and eat while on the go every morning before work. It is super easy to make and very convenient yet healthy at the same time.


- 4 bananas

- Half a red dragon fruit

- A handful of strawberries (about 10)

- Small chunks of pineapple

- Blueberries


1. Blend 2 bananas until mixture is smooth, pour into a container

2. Blend 2 bananas and the red dragon fruit till smooth, pour into another container

3. Pour both mixtures in opposite ends of the tray, with a spoon or spatula, create a "marble effect" by making one but twirl on the surface of the mixture

4. Place sliced small pieces of fruits on top

5. Put the whole tray in the freezer overnight

6. Take it out the next day and slice it into bar-sized with a knife

#detox #vegan #raw


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