Summer Vegetable Medley

Green apples are quite an underrated ingredient for savoury dishes. It is sour but the acidity balances really well with other vegetables especially carrots when cooked together in a healthy oil. I've tried both raw and cooked versions of the sliced green apples and carrots combination and it always comes out fantastic! This vegetable medley has a combination of multiple types of vegetables and even nuts - a good dish for sharing or as a side.


1 green apple

1 carrot

100gram shittake mushroom

Half an eggplant

About 10-15 cashew nuts

Salt and pepper for seasoning

Extra virgin olive oil


1. Slice all vegetables into thin pieces

2. Mix them up in a pot and drizzle oil all over

3. Add in cashew nuts

4. Cook for about 10 minutes until vegetables are soft



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