Swedish Blueberry Soup

Recently I went to a Swedish bistro in Singapore and spotted something really unique on the menu, a Blueberry Soup. This is really uncommon in Singapore and the thought of two things (a sour-y fruit and soup?) that don't come naturally together make me really curious. I ordered it in chilled version... and loved it! The colour is really intense and the texture slightly thick. It's served in a bowl so it's really a "soup", not fruit juice or whatever. Of course I finished the entire bowl and now making it at home on my own.

Turns out it's a very popular dish in Sweden (called Blåbärssoppa), typically made of Bilberry which is great for eye health. A lot of supplement stores sell Bilberry extract in bottles, so this soup is really nourishing and beneficial to both the eyes and health in general.

Ingredients (makes one bowl)

- 250 grams of Blueberries

- 2/3 cup of hot water

- 1.5 table spoon of honey

- 1/2 table spoon of caster sugar

- 1 table spoon of starch (rice or potato flour)

- Condiments like almonds, orange zest, mulberries or almonds


1. Wash the blueberries and take out all the stems

2. In a pot on medium heat, pour in the hot water and blueberries

3. Gently stir until it's boiling, add in the honey and caster sugar

4. Keep stirring and let it cook for about 10 minutes

5. Add in the starch

6. Pour over a bowl and add condiments



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