Uttanasana Variation - Forward Bend With Clasped Hands

Continuing with the series of recommended stretches for office workers to undo a week's worth of back damage caused by simply being desk bound all day. This Uttanasana Variation heals upper back pain and opens your shoulder for further stretches, it is one of my favourite yoga moves! I like to hold it for just a few more counts and sink in deeper just to get the maximum effect.

To accomplish this move start with standing with feet slightly apart, bring both arms to the back and clasped both hands. Inhale and slowly bring the arms up towards the sky and exhale with bending the upper body forward. Bring the nose as close to the knees as possible and the arms in an almost 45 degrees angle from the back. Stay for a few breathes and release the pose. Your upper body will be loosened up immediately.



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