Vegan Minced Tomato & Mushroom Festive Pot

Christmas is around the corner! It's that time of the year when home-cooking become an Olympic Sport. I mean back to back meals, hosting friends and family and churning out holiday classics.

I am experimenting with recipes that would score on the table yet completely meat-free and dairy-free. Crowd pleasers like the usual Minced Meat can be made healthier (and your guests less bloated afterwards) with a plant-based replacement. This Vegan Minced Tomato and Mushroom Festive Pot is highly nutritious, tastes great with carbs like bread, crackers and noodles and it is extremely easy to make in big batches!

Ingredients (serves 2)

- 250 grams of cherry tomatoes

- 250 grams of shittake mushrooms

- 1 can of lentils (400 grams)

- 1 red onion

- Salt & pepper

- Extra virgin olive oil

- Optional: chilli flakes

- Thyme seasoning


1. Chop the vegetables (cherry tomatoes, red onion and mushrooms) to small pieces the size of a peanut

2. Heat up the pan, drizzle olive oil

3. Cook all the chopped vegetables until they are soft

4. Add in the lentils, continue to cook and stir evenly

5. Season with a pinch of salt & pepper and thyme seasoning. If you like it spicy, add in a little bit of chilli flakes

6. Serve with a carb!



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