Vegan Rolls In Tofu Skin

You must have seen many many rice rolls (Vietnamese-style) in Vegan Food Blogs. Did you know that dried Tofu Skin - which can be easily bought in supermarkets or TCM (traditional chinese medicine) stores - can also be used to wrapped your savory dish? It is less fragile, not much cooking needed and very very delicious with almost anything in it!

I tried making these Vegan Rolls In Tofu Skin with some of the following vegetables - eggplants, tofu and shimeiji mushrooms - this combination is pretty simple but if you want to customise and add your favorite type of vegetables that's possible too.


- 1 sheet of dried tofu skin

- 1 block of firm tofu (organic tau kwa) 200g

- 1 bunch of shimeiji mushrooms 100g

- 1/2 tube of a 500g eggplant

- Vegetable oil

- Salt and pepper


1. Slice the firm tofu and eggplant into similar sizes

2. Pan fry lightly on a pan with the shimeiji mushroom, add in vegetable oil, salt and pepper. Go easy on the salt as the dried tofu skin is usually very very salty

3. Cook for about 5 minutes or until the surface are slightly brown

4. While cooling down the cooked ingredients, lay a sheet of drief tofu skin on the chopping board, no need to double layer or fold twice. It doesn't need to be cooked, you can simply take it out from the packet and straight to the board

5. Use a chopstick to place the cooked ingredients carefully on to the dried tofu skin and start rolling them into the size of a spring roll. Once the dried tofu skin touches the wet cooked ingredients it gets softer yet still durable to hold up everything

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