Street food in Siem Reap (Vegan only!)

When people think of Southeast Asia one of the first things to come to mind must be Street Food. It's part of the experience and if you have fears about hygiene or whatsoever you're missing out.

Street food tells you more stories about the local culture than the five-star restaurant with neatly folded napkin can tell you. Street food supports old traditions and local vendor where 100% of your money goes to them and not someone "up there"who doesn't even know how to cook. Street food is where your travel journey starts.

In Siem Reap, Cambodia (thank god) there are plenty of street food in town center. While the variety can be quite repetitive, venturing into the nearby local markets like Phsar Leu Thom Thmey allows you to try some really authentic local snacks and small bites.

Here are my top picks of vegan friendly eats in Siem Reap:

1. Grilled baby bananas

2. Coconut Rice Cakes (Num Kruok)

3. Stir-fry noodles - remember to ask them not put in any meat

4. Pumpkin steam cake

5. Shredded coconut sugar rolls at Phsar Leu Thom Thmey (a must-go non-touristy local market)

6. Khmer Rice noodle soup (Num Banh Choc), a popular breakfast noodle dish

7. The same rice noodles but soup-less, from a street vendor

8. Pumpkin Curry at My Little Cafe along Taphul Road

9. Vegetarian amok (mushrooms) also at the same cafe

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