Vegan Tofu Pockets

One of my to-go post-gym refuel snack is always a homemade sandwich. But lately I have been toying with Tofu ever since I discovered organic pressed tofu in the supermarket. They are really cheap (S$2-3 for two blocks) and very filling. It's also loaded with the nutrition must-haves like protein.

The Vegan Tofu Pockets are really simple to make! My version is entirely vegan, but of course the filling can be whatever up to your imagination, almost everything tastes good with tofu.

Ingredients (for two triangular pockets)

- One block of organic pressed tofu

- Sliced shiitake mushroom

- Eggplants (a fist sized, then sliced)

- Purple onion

- Coconut or olive oil

- Salt and pepper for seasoning


1. Diagonally cut the block of tofu into half, pan fry it for about 2 minutes with oil

2. Once done use a knife to carve out a hole in the tofu. If you're planning to stuff it with a lot of things the hold needs to be pretty big

3. Cook the fillings one by one. I cooked the shiitake mushrooms first with purple onion, followed by the eggplant

4. Once the fillings are cooked, cool it down and assemble the pockets by hand. Gently stuff the fillings in without breaking the pockets

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