Yoga To Ease Back Pain: Reverse Prayer Pose

For a quick back pain relief at the office if you've been sitting at your desk for way too long, try the Reverse Prayer Pose (or Pashchima Namaskarasana). This simple and easy-to-achieve pose helps with stretching the upper back, especially the part between your shoulder blades which is prone to aches due to prolong sitting and staring down too long at the computer.

Reverse Prayer step-by-step:

1. Come into the pose by standing straight, positioning the spine.

2. Relax the shoulders and inhale

3. Exhale and bring both hands to the lower back

4. As you inhale again, turn the fingertips inwards towards the spine and bring them facing skywards

5. Stay there for a couple of breaths

When doing this pose, the back should always be up straight and not hunching forward. If you're a yogi or just naturally super flexible, push the palms as high up the back as possible to get the maximum effect.

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