Zucchini "Fettuccine"

These noodles are carb free and vegan. Can you believe it? While the typical Zucchini noodles are just green strands of plant-based noodles, the yellow zucchini which I found in the supermarket the other day will give the exact look and feel of fettuccine. Great way to fool your friends and families during the holiday season into thinking that these are carbs.


- 1 stick of yellow zucchini

- Cherry tomatoes and onions

- Olive oil

- Salt & pepper

- Garlic


1. Cut the yellow zucchini into thin slices, you can use a shaver. Knife the noodles according to the width you prefer.

2. Chop the vegetables (cherry tomatoes, onions) as well as the garlic

3. Pan fry everything with a spoonful olive oil, sift out any water from the zucchini

4. Add in salt & pepper and garlic. Takes less than 5 minutes to cook. Serves one portion.



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